Friday, April 30, 2010

smart phone exam

I am for it because having smart phones in school means that the child can make a call to their parent or parents. In case of an emergency, a person could make a call that could decide life or death depending on he situation at hand. it is important to have one on them because it also very useful.

Back in the day, technology was restricted do to the resources they did not have that they do now have.I is good to change because as society evolves, technology also must follow pursuit too. It will be a better way for us to do our work. And why do we have to wait to go home and our work when we can do it on our cell phones.

And some phones support the use of microsoft on some of them and that will allow us to jump start on our homework and or project.And this concludes my support of being for having smart phones in schools because it is important to keep in contact , if we are needed by any one if it is deemed important at the time.

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